If you want to taste the delicious Polish cuisine, forget counting calories. Traditional Polish dishes, mostly very substantial and abundant in meat prepared in various ways, have thousands of calories. Let yourself be tempted by succulent dishes such as bigos, kotlet schabowy, pierogi and golabki (look at the glossary). Poland is also known for its tasty bread and excellent sausages.

Among the most widely used ingredients in traditional Polish cuisine are sauerkraut (choucroute), fermented cucumbers, cream, kohlrabi, mushrooms and a variety of sausages. It can be said that there is no Polish cuisine without carefully selected species: marjoram, fennel, cumin, parsley and pepper. We recommend dessert pies and delicious cakes. A glass of vodka that comes with the typical Polish feast facilitate digestion.

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There are many influences, both European and Jewish neighbors, who have driven the development of Polish cuisine. Currently the Polish menu is still enriched with new flavors, more exotic. Next to restaurants serving traditional Polish dishes, Italian, French and Asian restaurants and bars vegetarians arise.


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